I am John Raul and this is my Australian journey.

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Grand Australia – Chapter 7: The club street

Published on 25 December, 2012

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Journey Prologue

G'day friends! Before you explore the rest of this website, allow me first to introduce myself very briefly.

I am John Raul, a proud native of the Philippines residing in Davao City and I dream and think of visiting, working and living in Australia every day.

The spirit of Australia entered my life when I met a friend over the Internet named Gregory White from Perth, Western Australia. Greg was the first person who initially exposed me to the Australian culture, to some Australian patriotic songs, the Aussie slangs, and the Aussie accent that used to frequently give me a blank face. He told me that he believes one day that I'll be able to reach Australia and to be able to see and feel what life is like there. He rested in peace in 2008 and I thought I'd be disconnected with the Australian culture forever. I was wrong.

Years later, I met new Australian friends over the Internet residing in places such as Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and in some minor Australian towns. I didn't intentionally find them, they found me. As we virtually lived together online over the years sharing stories about our lives, exchanging thoughts and ideas, some of them developed to become the closest people surrounding my life in the past years.

In 2010, two of them, Michael Bolton of Sydney and Michael Bowie of Brisbane, personally came to the Philippines to meet me and to visit my home country. Those encounters brought me some of the happiest days of my life and they solidified my motivation to come into Australia even further.

I just can't miss a lifetime not to meet great people, not to experience a new life, not to chase a heart, not to build a brilliant career, not to see new places, and not to establish a second home in the land down under.

I know that it will not be easy, especially because I am from the Philippines. However, I'm very determined to face and overcome any obstacles that may come along the way... even if I had to walk the world.

I will need your help.

This website was created to fulfill my friend's suggestion to enable people to know what I'm working for, and to allow them to contribute or to support my quest to enter Australia if they want to.

So yes, I dream about Australia. I think about it every day. And I cannot wait to complete this Grand Australian quest to pursue my dream to enter Australia to start a new life there.

Thank you for joining me in this grand adventure of my life.